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By the grace of God, He enabled us to do the following activities in His will for His glory.

Activities & Ministries

 1. Mustard Seed Bible School (MSBS): Online & Offline Discipleship Training Programs through Mustard Seed International Centre Mobile App. 

With the deep burden to raise disciples, we are conducting Short Term Intensive   

 Course (10days) and Online Discipleship Training Programs (Foundational-3months

  & Advanced-1 Month)

2.Leadership conferences

                   Conducting and partnering to conduct the leadership conferences in         

  Andhra and Telangana with a burden of empowering leaders.

3.Labourers of Last Hour(LOHL); Missionary Training Program


4.Abundant Life : A Medical Consulting Charity Service: With objective to serve the needy people in the remote villages of Nepal, Bangladesh and Kenya. Providing  short term para medical health awareness programs.

5.Gospel Outreach programs

                    Preaching the word of God in the villages and remote places of Andhra,      Telangana, Tamilnadu, Bihar, West Bengal and Nepal.

6.Audio Bible ministry

                   Distributing the Audio Bibles to needy in Andhra, Telangana, Tamilnadu

  and Nepal. And recording dramatized version of full Audio Bible in Nepali language 

  by associating with New Life JF Ministries

7.Literature ministry: Printing and publishing of Gospel Tracts & Books. Translating good Christian books into Telugu & Nepali.

 8.Ministry among Hijras & Prostitutes

 9.Ministry through Social Media ( Youtube- The True Grace of Jesus, FB- The True

  Grace of Jesus) and Video Magazine- Youtube- Mustard Seed Vidmag

 10.Prayer Marathons (Revival Prayer Tower-Online)

                     We strongly believe that prayer can move mountains. Prayer Marathon 

  is 21days 24x7 prayer event held every year without any geographical limitations, 

  prayer warriors join across the globe.

11.Revival Prayer Tower is an intercessory prayer group that gathers for prayer 

  every day at 5AM-5.40AM and 9.45PM-10.25PM.

   Zoom ID: 6796045719


We are praying and planning for planting churches in India, Nepal and Bangladesh, Please pray  for them.

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