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About Us

Restoring into His image

The True Grace is a Christian organization works for the comprehensive development of individuals and the community. Truth and grace were revealed through Jesus Christ (John1:17) as Bible says, this organization is founded on Bible.


We believe in water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism and blood of Jesus for the redemption of sins.


We function on the three basic principles, Let the Kingdom of God be established, Let His name alone be glorified and Let His will be prevailed in all things. These are the basic principles of all things that we function.

Our Story

                  The True grace has emerged in the year 2013 by obeying to the great commission of God. The vision received from God is to preach the good news to the unreached, oppressed and rejected sections of the society, making disciples, empowering and edifying the church through all possible media, viz. Electronic, Social and print media. Gospel Outreach programmes, Evangelical meetings, Discipleship Camps, Leadership conference, Prayer Marathons and supporting the needy people through various charity services like Food donation, Cloths distribution, supporting the education fees of the needy children.


Mr. & Mrs. Bro. Amruth Cephas:


                                       Bro. Amruth was born in a Christian family. But he drifted away from God and lived completely worldly life, when entered the teenage. Despite of having good academic qualifications (B.E, M.B.A) he struggled to find even a small job for his livelihood for about 8 years. He tried to commit suicide with depression but God rescued him from all troubles. On March 8th, 2008 on the foot path of Madiwala market, he surrendered his life to God with tears stating “Lord! I am defeated and I can’t fight with you anymore, I surrender my life to you”. In few days God not only blessed him with a job, but also restored all the years that he had lost by giving him 5 times promotions and with 300% monetary hike in his job. While he was working as a Project Manager-IT with AT&T Company, he received the call of God to serve Him for the fulltime. On the appointed day he resigned from his job with AT&T (Sr. Project Manager-IT) and started to serve the Lord.

           Ps 2: 8 “Ask of Me, and I will give you the nations for your inheritance, and the ends of the earth for your possession.” Was the promise that God has given to him. God has been faithful to His promise and sent His servant to various countries along with India to share His love with the people.

          His wife, Ms. Rahelu, who was also an IT professional (Cognizant) with B.Ph., M. Tech obeyed to the call of God and serving God with him. God named her as Rahelu even before she was formed in the womb which He conveyed the message to her mother in a vision and in audible voice. She was named even when she was a teenager, man of God Bro. D.G.S. Dhinakaran prophesied that God is calling her to be an international missionary. And now God fulfilled His promises and is enabling His servants to be His witnesses wherever they are sent.

    We are pursuing our vision with the deep desire to fulfill the will of God, glorify Him.

Meet The Team

Our Spiritual Partners

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