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Restoring into His image

Human was created in the image of God and he lost the image of God when he sinned against God. However God did not leave man but opened the way of restoration through Jesus Christ.


Bible being the very word of God, We are coworkers with Jesus, working with the burning passion to restore every human back to the original stature.

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                        The True Grace is a Christian organization works for the comprehensive development of individuals and the community. Truth and grace were revealed through Jesus Christ (John1:17) as Bible says, this organization is founded on Bible.

We believe in water baptism, Holy Spirit baptism and blood of Jesus for the redemption of sins.


                        We function on the three basic principles, Let the Kingdom of God be established, Let His name alone be glorified and Let His will be prevailed in all things. These are the basic principles of all things that we function.


Upcoming Events

Series of Youth programs in Nepal (Butwal) in the month of March,2023.

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The 3 Pillars

His name be glorified

His Kingdom

His will be prevailed

Humans are created in the image of God and they are created as the glory of God. In whatever that we do the true purpose of a human is to bring glory to God and to glorify Him in everything.

God is the ruler of the entire creation and thus humans. The kingdom of God is in midst of us and is where God is enthroned and exalted.

The will of God is the best will for human. God has given him freewill so that he will honor and surrender to the will of God wilfully.

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The True Grace Home,

Nallapadu, Guntur,

Andhra Pradesh.


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